New Design Speed New Functions and Features The Player and the Play Queue

Naxos Music Library World 3 – What’s New?

New Design

  • New menu options to see the latest additions, and Favourites to bookmark your frequently played albums.
  • Use the full screen width to display more without the page looking crowded.
  • The player is on every page which can slide in and out (hidden) with just 1 click. No longer a pop-up, always there.


  • Loading each page is a lot faster than before, be it opening an album, an artist page with a list of their recordings, the entire catalogue of a label on the platform, the full list of albums by category, a playlist or the list of recordings recently added.
  • Both Keyword Search and Advanced Search are super-fast, showing results in a split second.

New Functions and Features

  • Start to play an album right away without having to make a selection first.
  • Users can now add albums / tracks to Favourites for easy access.
Add to Play Queue function allows users to play tracks from multiple albums without having to build them into a playlist first. All tracks or a single track in the Play Queue can be removed with just one click.
A dedicated search box on the Composers (Songwriters) and Artists section is now available, making it easy and fast to find any particular person. A dedicated search box on the Labels page helps users locate the label of interest (out of 350+) quickly.
After signing up for a Student / Member Playlist Account at the Playlist Page, authorised users of a subscribing institution (be it a university, a public library) or an organisation (such as an orchestra) can now log in to the platform directly at the main login page without having to go through the Playlist Page of the institution’s subscription.
Note: With this account users can also access the service via the NML World mobile app (both Android and iOS devices).
Shortcut keys (hot keys) are available to help users control music playback easily, for both Windows and Apple users.
Making changes to playlists is much more user-friendly. Simply drag and drop to move a playlist from one folder to another, or change the position of a playlist within the same folder, as well as changing the position of tracks within the same playlist.
Multi-language on site navigation is available.
Web responsive design gives users with small screens and tablets a better user experience.
When scrolling down an album with many tracks, once the functional buttons (e.g. Play, Add to Play Queue or Favourites or Playlist, Share and Display Static URL) are out-of-sight, they will be shown on a floating toolbar docked at the top, offering a much better user experience.

The Player and the Play Queue

Users can choose to loop all tracks in the Play Queue or just one single track.
An embedded player has been developed which can be integrated into subscribing institution's website.

A stand-alone player has also been developed. This shows more information on the audio file(s) users have selected than the embedded player mentioned on the left. It may be more relevant to educational institutions, for example, a professor putting static URL of a piece in an assignment, unless he wants to mask the title of the track illustrated.